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1. Privacy Policy

The services available on this site are provided by Lekip,owner of the only2me.com website.Lekip has a commitment of privacy concerning the personal information provided.
For only2me.com, the security and privacy of its users is a atter of honor.

2. Confidentiality

By the very nature and objectives of the services available hereby, users are required to provide data that can be considered of a personal nature. However, only2me.com guarantees to all its users that:

• No personal information will be disclosed to third parties without the prior consent of the holder;
• No personal data entrusted to us will be provided, either free of charge or at a cost, to direct "marketing" companies or to other entities that use "mailing" lists to advertise their products and / or services.

Our services will always comply with the Law of Protection of Personal Data - Lei nº 67/98 of 26 October.

3. Cookies

In order to provide to our users faster and customized service, the only2me.com may use a browser function known as "cookie". A "cookie" is a small text file that is automatically saved by the user`s computer, allowing the identification of the user whenever he visits the website again, in this case the website only2me.com.

However, any user can prevent cookies being stored on his/her computer by setting the brwser not to accept them. However, this option may slow down your browsing, on this and other websites.

4. Banners

A "banner" is a rectangular area on the screen that advertises a brand or service, aiming to attract the user to click on it and enter on the website you are connecting with.

The only2me.com is committed to only placing on its website "banners" to promote their own services or the services of their partners.

All users using these "banners" will remain completely anonymous.

5. Links to Third Parties

This site contains a variety of links to other national and foreign websites. When you establish a link from this website to other internet sites, either through a "link" or a "banner", you may receive a "cookie" from one of our partners,

The only2me.com, however, will not hold responsible for the safety and privacy policy, form, content or practices of those websites.

6. Database/Login and Password use

The database provided by this website is solely intended to be used on the commercial activity and to promote the only2me brand.

7. Sharing Personal Information

The only2me.com may share information with other entities, strictly related to the services they provide. Nevertheless, information of personal nature will only be transferred to entities dependant or related to only2me and never to external entities.

8. Correction and Updating of Personal Information

Each user is the holder and responsible for the data transmitted to only2me.com, can control the amount of information provided and when (under what circumstances) this may or may not,be provided to third parties.

If you wish to change your identification, contact details and / or the profile, you can always do so. You simply have to access to your "login" and "password", or send an email to info@only2me.com 

9. Binding Acceptance

Users of the services available on this website are bound by accepting and complying with the conditions expressed herein. For any further clarification about the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of this website, please send us an email to info@only2me.com