To buy online do l have to register?

You will need to register if you want to buy online. Through this registration you will also have access to discounts and special campaigns.  

How will receive the products after having placed the order?

When completing the order, you will have to inform the address where you wish to receive the products. The delivery willbe made within 48 hours after confirmation of the order validation.

What is the procedure ifb there isn`t anyone at home to receive the order?

The shipping company deliveries from Monday to Friday during office hours, and you cannot schedule the delivery. The carrier will leave a notification and the order can be collected, from the closest post office, within 5 days from the notification date. After this time the parcel will be returned to our warehouse.The only2me may contact you again to arrange new delivery instructions.

Can l change my shoes? In which deadline?

Yes, you can change it within 14 days from reception of the products. The shoes must be returnd in perfect condition and in the original packaging.

Can I return products, requesting a refund?

You can return the item ans ask for a refund within 14 days, by stating in writing the account number where you wish to receive the money back.The refund will be made by bank transfer within 48 hours after rarrival of the returned item.

What is the campaign “MORE AFFORDABLE” ?

It is a promotional campaign on selected items, only available in the only2me online store. It is possible to accumulate amounts in a card to be used for future purchases.

How does the “MORE AFFORDABLE” campaign work?

For the items narked with the sing “MORE AFFORDABLE” we for a credit of 30% from the purchase price, to be used in other purchases in the only2me online store. The amount “MORE AFFORDABLE”  may vary from item to item..

Is the campaign “MORE AFFORDABLE” compatible with other promotional codes?

No.The use of the amount in credit from your customer account cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts.

Is the  campaign“MORE AFFORDABLE”compatible with gift cards?

No. The use of the amount in credit from your customer account cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts.

What is the validity of the amount “MORE AFFORDABLE”accumulated by each customer?

The amount in creditedfrom each customer account is valid for twelve months.


In which items can be used this accumulated amount " MORE AFFORDABLE "?

The amount accumulated by each customer may be used in the online store, for selected models, except outlet. 

How can I use the accumulated credit “MORE AFFORDABLE”?

When completing the purchase, online, the customer will be informed about his accumulated amount and he will be asked if he wishes to use it for that purchase.