A chat with… Carla Matadinho

Model, television presenter and actress, Carla Matadinho has successfully tried these three roles. More recently she starred in her role as a mother, with the birth of little Letícia! We went to get to know Carla a little better, before the baby was born, to try to discover some of her secrets…   

What’s the secret behind your smile?
I don’t know if there’s a secret, my view is that it’s a way of dealing with life, even when things aren’t easy, I’ve never carried the weight of the world on my shoulders. I try to be positive and think that things will get better and that we must keep calm.

How are you enjoying life at the moment, when you are just about to become a mother of Letícia? 
I’m making the most of every moment in a calm way, it’s marvellous being pregnant! I’m now in the run up, making the final preparations for the birth of my little daughter. 

How did you choose her name? 
It wasn’t easy, Paulo and I disagreed on the first choice and only after going through lots of names in a book did we unanimously choose Letícia.

You have already been a model, a television presenter and actress. Which of these activities do you prefer? 
People recognize my work going back years, in fashion and TV. I love presenting and couldn’t choose between this and fashion, just finding a way to reconcile both, because there aren’t television projects going every day. I feel fulfilled in both areas.

You recently did a fashion show whilst you were pregnant, what was that experience like? Was it a different sensation on the catwalk?
It was fun, but I was scared I would fall wearing those enormous heels. We’re heavier and that made me feel a little nervous, but luckily you couldn’t tell. 

Are you very interested in fashion? Do you consider yourself a fashion victim? 
Not at all, it’s my profession as I also write about fashion in JN newspaper, but I’ll never be a fashion victim, I just like being aware and informed about what’s going on in fashion.

How would you define your style?
Casual chic.

What was the last item you bought? 
Maternity wear!

What would you never buy? 
I’m not sure, but I’m incapable of spending a lot of money on clothes. I tend to look for a good quality/price relationship and make the most of promotions.

Do you lose your mind over shoes like most women do? 
I like having lots of pairs of shoes, but nothing compared to some friends of mine!

What only2me model do you like best? Where would you wear them to? 
It’s impossible to choose just one pair!! I choose the brown sandals with a heel for a cocktail and the flat sandals for a walk with friends, on the beach…

What about your dream trip? 
I’m not sure at the moment, there are many trips I would like to make with Paulo and our little daughter. Getting to know Europe better, travelling to the Maldives, etc…