A chat with Aloísio Brito (Professional Photographer)

Aloísio Brito was the photographer responsible for the only2me Spring/Summer 2013 campaign that we reveal here first hand. He fell in love with photography by chance, when he was working as an assistant for another photographer. He then left for London where he started to build up his portfolio doing photography tests for model agencies. He has photographed for Portuguese and international fashion brands.

You have excelled as a fashion photographer. Is this the type of work that seduces you most?
Yes, fashion photography is one of the types of photography that I do and that really fulfils me professionally but I also love photographing people.

Can you tell us a little bit about your professional career?
I was in London in 2001/2002, doing my photography course having worked in Portugal, for two years, as an assistant photographer. I started to put together my fashion portfolio doing photography tests for some model agencies in London. Then I came back to Portugal and worked at a studio for fashion and advertising photography, which was great for me. This was where I prepared myself for everything else involved in this world: meetings, quotations, managing and organizing teams, post-production etc. 

How did you end up in fashion photography? 
As I said, I started fashion photography because I was lucky enough to have worked as the assistant of a fashion photographer which automatically gave me an extra desire to take these types of photos. However, nowadays, my work isn’t limited to fashion, because I feel the need to do other things, because fashion can be hard going… Having to get on with so many different people, all of whom are very set in their ways, with very strong personalities, it’s hard work. Trying to please everyone isn’t easy!!

You have been the photographer responsible for the only2me campaigns. What is your relationship with this brand?
It’s simply fantastic. I care a lot and have huge respect for all the people who work for 2me, who have always respected me, both in personal and professional terms, which isn’t normal nowadays, therefore they deserve all my professional respect and dedication.

What is your favourite model from this collection? Who would be the ideal woman to wear it?
My favourite model from this collection is the Western 1 and the ideal woman to wear it would be someone young, confident, relaxed and with very good taste.

What other Portuguese/international brands have you photographed for?
Salsa Jeans, Katty Xiomara, Eureka Shoes, Sophia Kah, among others.

Is there any photograph that has marked you in particular?
Yes, especially some portraits that I have done during my career. Photographing people is always very special.

What shoes can’t you go without on an everyday basis?
Slippers… lololo!!

What characteristics best define you?
Original, perfectionist, playful, organised, stubborn (very), good-humoured (sometimes).

In addition to photography, what are your other passions?
Friends, surf, fishing, DIY and my dog, of course.

Where can we find you when you’re not working?
At home, on the beach and sometimes, at the studio.