A CHAT WITH … Juliana Lamares

This time we went to meet Juliana Lamares, the hairstylist of the latest only2me campaigns. We found out how all the hair preparation for a photography session works and got up to speed on the hair trends for the spring/summer season!Juliana, you have been successful as a hairstylist for fashion productions.

Is this the type of work you like best?
Yes, they are definitely always very appealing and more creative projects, it’s always a pleasure to participate in this type of work.

You own “Frame Salon”, a beauty salon with a very distinctive concept. Do you want to share the secrets of this place?
Frame Salon stands out thanks to the personalized treatment we provide. One has to book in advance, this way we can make every client feel special and well looked after, in a calm and intimate environment.

Any secret you would like to share with us on how to keep our hair healthy?
We all know that moisturizing is fundamental for most types of hair but my latest secret is liquorice seed oil, it’s marvellous!  

You have been the hairstylist for the only2me campaigns. How would you describe this experience?
It’s been a really positive experience, only2me are open to more creative concepts which is very motivating for the all the team and I.

What things do you have to take into account when you are preparing a hairstyle for a production?
I begin by trying to understand the collection’s concept and inspiration so that I can propose hair styles that I believe are the right look. I also have to take into account a texture that will last for 7 to 8 hours, with the constant “dressing and undressing” and “putting on and taking off” of a production day. There are also other factors such as the type of hair, colour and texture of the model who I am going to be working with.

What is your favourite model of the only2me collection?
Fall 3 Perfuradas (Perforated Fall 3).

For everyday, are you a fan of flat or do you prefer high-heeled shoes?  
Definitely flat shoes, I couldn’t work wearing anything else!

How would you define your style?
I think it’s a casual, practical and above all, comfortable style.

At a time when the latest trends for spring/summer 2013 have already been presented, what are your bets in terms of hairstyles?
Next season’s hairstyles will be marked by an unstructured texture, ponytails and tied back hairstyles that are not too polished and a mixture of techniques using plaits and curls that are coming undone, all of this without being too perfect!

In addition to hairstyles, what other passions do you have?
Lately, I haven’t really had any time to dedicate to any other passions but I love cooking for friends, walking on the beach and developing photos