A chat with… LUÍSA BARBOSA

For this edition, we went to get to know Luísa Barbosa a little better, a very well-known television personality. She graduated in law but life surprised her and she quickly discovered that it was communication that fascinated her. She started off as a video jockey (she is one of the MTV Portugal presenters), she was also in “5 Para a Meia-Noite” on RTP2 channel and more recently, she left her mark in “Planeta Música”, on RTP1 channel. We went to find out what projects she is currently involved in and what the young presenter prefers doing.


You are in love with the world of fashion. When did you start working in this area? 
I started working in fashion when I was 15, when I moved to Lisbon to work as a model.

You swapped law for the world of television. What fascinates you most about this media? 
Its essence, in other words, communication. The fact that you are reaching the public and are able to share information, experiences and entertainment with them. This involves the whole process that leads to the creation of new television content. I like getting to know what goes on behind the scenes, who does what. It’s like getting to know the secrets of a business.

Working as television presenter usually demands taking extra care with one’s appearance. Do you take special care of your image?
Although my style is a very casual/sporting one, I do take some care with things that are related to my physical and psychological health. For example: doing physical exercise helps me stay in shape but to tell the truth, for me, it’s also a form of therapy. It helps me to release energy. Then, of course, taking care with what I eat cannot be forgotten. I also make sure I use a moisturizer every day.

What is your biggest inspiration in the fashion universe? 
I don’t know if I have a person as inspiration. As I said, I’m very practical when it comes to fashion, as my style is casual, but I particularly like people who have this casual style but then manage to take it further, with an original twist.


What shoes do you prefer to wear for work? 
Comfortable ones! Boots, for example, make all the difference.

What only2me style from this collection do you like most? 

As I said, I like boots and your “shoe 10s” are really lovely. I also like the “westerns” a lot.


You’ve already worked on programmes like “5 para Meia-Noite” and “Planeta Música”. Currently, you are presenting “Estreia da Semana” on Hollywood channel. Which one do you prefer?
Although programmes like “Planeta Música” and “Estreia da Semana” allow me to work with contents that I really enjoy (music and cinema), “5PMN” was a huge challenge, where I made a great leap forward in my profession as I learnt a lot, that’s why it will always be special.


Do you have any future project that you would like to share with us?
At the moment, I’m filming a new series on channel Q. It’s called “Fábrica dos Pentes” and it’s been great!