She started dreaming of the fashion world very early on and as soon as she had the opportunity she left for London to study at the London College of Fashion. She did an internship at “Gucci” and then returned to Portugal where she launched her first company specialized in fashion, specifically as an image consultant/fashion advisor. For the past four years we have been able to follow the latest trends in her fashion section in the “Você na TV” programme, on TVI. In addition to that, she has been responsible for the styling of many advertising campaigns, fashion shows and catalogues for various brands. In was precisely during the production of the only2me Autumn/Winter campaign that we found her and, of course, we wanted to get to know her a little better!

Patrícia’s life very much revolves around the world of fashion. Agree? Where did this passion come from?
Yes, it’s true! This passion started when I was very young, as my mother has worked in fashion for as long as I can remember existing… Although, initially I thought I wanted to be a designer and not a stylist as I am now.

How do you define your style?
I don’t have a single style, it very much depends on my state of mind, but as a rule, I use symmetrical, clean lines, in other words, elegance associated to comfort and my everyday life.

 What item of clothing blows your mind?
(Laughter...) I have phases, currently, a good overcoat blows my mind quite easily! My favourite one is a MIU MIU in burgundy sheep skin, it’s to die for!!! It also easy for me to lose my mind over a pair of J brands…

Recently you were responsible for the styling of the next only2me Autumn/Winter photo shoot and you got to see this collection first hand. What was the first impact like?
The first impact was marvellous!!! I loved the collection!!! I very much like the concept as a whole, the fact that it is 100% developed in Portugal and the careful use of natural colours only, the raw materials and the extremely high quality design!

I bet you already have your favourite model! Can you let us know what it is?
Yes, of course! I have various but will highlight two. The flat, green ankle boots and the boots with a removable part that provides the effect of having two completely different items, for the price of one! Gorgeous, I’m going to buy them!

In terms of the next season, can you tell us what the strongest trends in shoes will be? What shoes/boots will be a must in any wardrobe?
For everyday, there’s no doubt that it’s a pair of masculine shoes or military-style flat ankle boots, for the evening, snakeskin boots with a straight, thick, wedge heel.

During the past 3 years we have had the opportunity to see your fashion section on “Você na TV”, TVI, with Cristina Ferreira and Manuel Luís Goucha. What has this experience been like?
This experience has been fabulous!!! I had never thought about doing television, but I’m loving it!! I adore the whole team, from the dear presenters to the audience. It’s hard work but it’s gratifying… When people come up to me in the street, they’re always really friendly and loving, it’s worth it just for that!

Fashion aside, what is Patrícia like after work?
I’m a person of very strong human relationships and that’s why I love having dinner at friends’ houses, taking it easy on my sofa and watching a good film, going to the gym, among other things.

We know you love to travel… do you have a favourite destination?
Yes, it’s true. I LOVE IT! Choosing a single place is super difficult… I could say, for a city, Berlin and for a beach, Africa as a whole!!!

What trip would you love to take, leaving tomorrow?
Rio de Janeiro, no doubts!!!