A chat with Raquel Santos

One of the faces of the next only2me autumn/winter collection, Raquel Santos is a young model with great dreams in the fashion world. She is currently doing a course in fashion design and confesses that she is in love with this industry. In this edition we went to try to find out a little more about the atmosphere backstage during the photo shoot for the next collection, in a chat with Raquel about dreams, objectives and future projects.

When and how did this interest in fashion arise?
I’ve always been really interested in various aspects of this world, so I decided to do the course in fashion design that I’m doing now together with my modelling career. I’m getting more and more involved in this area, which is really important for me.

Describe, in a word, the recent photo shoot that took place for only2me?
Fun, there’s no doubt.

From the pin-up to the motorbike character, which did you prefer playing?
I thought it was fun playing the motorbike character.

If you had to complete the following phrase, what would you say?
For me, shoes must be…(…) well designed and above all, comfortable.

Should shoes for the colder season be bold or more conventional?
I like varying between the two styles.

What shoes/boots did you like best from this only2me collection?
I thought they were all beautiful and comfortable. I would keep them all, there’s no doubt about that. They’re very versatile! There are classical and more modern ones. The collection manages to appeal to various ages and styles.

Where can we find you when you’re not at work?
With my friends, on the beach, at the cinema or with family.

The ideal holiday destination?
Italy! I like the people, food and language… the whole culture.

Do you have a dream/objective that you would like to share with us?
To be as successful as I can, always doing what I like, in the fashion industry.