A CHAT WITH  Teresa Stephens (Cacau Shoe shop)

In this edition, we went to meet Teresa Stephens, responsible for Cacau shoe shop in Vilamoura, one of the shops where the Autumn/Winter only2me collection is available. Open to the public since 2007, Cacau privileges class and good taste, accompanied by the trends of each season.

What made you launch this business?
The idea arose almost as a joke, by a friend of mine, over lunch, it was more or less like this, “SHALL WE OPEN A SHOE SHOP, AT THE NEW SHOPPING CENTRE?” and we went into business together this way.

When did you open your shop? Is it very different today to what it used to be in those days?
The shop opened at the end of December, in 1997. It’s very different, I have tried to follow the trends.

 What shoes can’t you go without in your day-to-day? 
High heels, of course! I can’t live without them.

What do you value most in a shoe? 
High quality, comfort and elegance.

What’s your favourite model from the only2me Autumn/Winter collection?
The Fall 9 boots.

Portuguese shoes are becoming increasingly well positioned internationally. Are Portuguese women aware of this?
Although the majority are aware of this, many still prefer international brands.

Do you believe that Portuguese women are aware of the fashion world?
Yes, increasingly so! 

How would you define your Clients? 
Classy and with good taste. 

What shoes’ trend do you highlight this season? 
Young and sophisticated. 

You live in a privileged area of Portugal! Would you trade the Algarve for another Portuguese city?
Maybe for another country, but never for another city. 

Shoes are certainly one of your passions. Do you any others you can reveal to us? 
Many, handbags, accessories, make-up etc. 

What characteristics best define you? 
Demanding, direct and honest.