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A CHAT WITH... Tinoca Make Up

Working as a professional make-up artist since 2000, Tinoca Make Up received in 2010 the “Best Make-up Artist Revelation” award in “The 2009 Famous Revelation Awards” that recognizes talent in the fashion sector. Innovation is the key word in this make-up artist’s work, who currently works with Portuguese and international photographers in fashion, advertising and artistic photography. She has also worked on some campaigns for only2me…

How did your interest in make-up come about?
It was all by chance. I was a physical education student and was looking for a part-time job. I ended up at Make Up Forever, a novelty for me at the time! I thought I was going to sell creams and perfumes J. It turns out that this shop is totally dedicated to make-up and it was passion at first sight! I ended up doing a training course at Academia Makeupforever (Porto), at Vazarte, on body painting and characterisation (Lisbon) and a Specialisation in Makeup course at Antónia Rosa Atelier (Lisbon). All of this took place between 1998 and 2002. From then on I became a freelancer and it has been non-stop since then…

What are the make-up trends this season?
There’s a lot that could be said but I can highlight that skin looks fresh and natural, always with a hint of bronze! Also, there’s no doubt that mouths and lips are in! Different shades of red, orange, pink and coral, focus is on the mouth! Forget gloss this season, it’s out, use strong colours with little shine on your lips!

Do you have a beauty tip to share with us?
Always use mascara, it will define the expression of your eyes more than any other product.

Would you ever leave the House without putting make-up on?
No! I use very little make-up but of good quality and well applied!

What is your daily beauty routine?
Every day, after the usual skin care, I always put on some corrector, mascara, a little blusher and moisturizing lipstick.

What do you have to take into account when you are planning the make-up for a photography production?
The concept of the work is always key, then there’s research to be done to create something that will suit this idea. It’s also very important to choose the right models to ensure that their faces can be adapted to the concept. Colours, inspiration, the theme of the Client’s collection, lighting, ambiance, styling and hair are also important.


What’s your favourite model in this collection?
Western 2 is my favourite!

What do you prefer to wear during your day-to-day, are you a fan of flat or high- heeled shoes?
Flats, for sure!

How would you define your style?
It depends on the day and my mood but usually it’s casual chic!

What other passions and hobbies are part of your life?
Sport, Reading, travelling and training. A good laugh with friends and family, looking after and playing with animals. Sunset on the beach and a football. J Sometimes I paint T.Shirts and I’d like to do a course in tattooing…