A CHAT WITH...Danuta Kondek

In this edition, we went to meet Danuta Kondek, the Polish consultant who fell in love with Portugal and is now working with only2me in the Portuguese and International markets. With a Master’s degree in economics, specialized in the international expansion of companies, a certified trainer, author of articles on economics and management and also Foreign Affairs Advisor for the Polish Ministry of Finance (having been distinguished with the Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski Prize), Danuta revealed her more personal side and shared her daily passions and inspirations with us.

What is your hometown/city?
My hometown is Jaworzno, in Poland

What brought you to Portugal?
I came to Portugal because I married a Portuguese; sociologically speaking I am yet another case of the Portuguese discoveries.

How many years have you been living here?
For more than a quarter of a century, I made the decision to adopt a country and move to Portugal in the 90s. In those days, Portugal was a country with an interesting development project and with prospects that combined quality of life with a fantastic climate and landscapes. Some of these premises have changed since then, I’m sorry to see.

What fascinates you most about this country?
Portugal is a country of contrasts that on the positive extreme, captivates one easily through its culture, cuisine, people and countryside. It’s good, although I don’t always have the time to make the most of it, to know that in the summer I can almost be on holidays, with the sea close-by and the beach at my doorstep. It’s a privilege.

What characteristics best define you?
It’s difficult to answer that, but if I had to choose some characteristics that apply to my professional context they would be: rigorous, reliable, creative and organized. On a personal level, I’m a fan of simplicity, I cultivate personal improvement and respect for others. I enjoy good food, inspiring landscapes and cultivating interpersonal relationships that provide inner growth.

You are doing consulting work with only2me. What is your favourite model from this collection (you can give us the reference that appears at www.only2me.com)?
only2me deserves to be a special emphasis as it has high potential and quality. My favourite model is the BROGUE 1.

What shoes can’t you go without on an everyday basis?
A day is made up of various different moments and shoes need to be adapted to needs. For work I like comfortable shoes with medium/high heels, but for more special occasions I can’t go without high-heeled classics, that value my feminine side.

What do you value most in a shoe?
Good design, elegance and comfort.

Where can we find you when you’re not working?
At home, preferably.

What’s your favourite place in the city where you live?
Leça da Palmeira beach.

We know you love reading, what’s your favourite book?
It’s very difficult to choose one book. I read a lot and many books have had a special influence on me. Since my youth, marked by the works of Stanislaw Lem, until my adulthood, reconfigured by the works of Zygmunt Baumann, the trajectory has been very diversified.

Do you want to confess any other passions to us?
Yes, I like spending time with my family, I like talking to people who are profoundly wise, who enrich me with their life experience and knowledge. Maybe it’s because of that and to satisfy my permanent curiosity about the world, I like to watch TED. For the same reasons I like watching a good film, that adds something new to me. I like classical music, especially Chopin. I gather together all these experiences and knowledge as precious things that enrich my being and which at times change my relationship with the world.