A CHAT WITH...'only2me' by Katty Xiomara

In this edition we spoke to Katty Xiomara who entered into a partnership with only2me for the next Spring/Summer season. The Portuguese stylist told us the secret behind this creation, she revealed her personal favourites and her bets regarding the key women’s garments for the next season.

Do you think that, as a country, we are aware of what’s going on in the fashion industry?
As a professional of the area, I would like there to be more interest but I think things have evolved positively.

You have just presented your Spring/Summer 2013 collection at Portugal Fashion, how would you define this collection?
The new summer collection works with parallels, symmetry and overlapping, it expresses various opposite forms; longs and shorts, tight and loose, light and structured. The palette of colours is based on the terrestrial globe, the blues and greens are worked on in unison bringing a natural and fresh aura to the collection.

What cannot be missing in a woman’s wardrobe next Spring/Summer? What are the dominating tones?
One of the most important items any season is the dress, but I think that small overlapping items such as waistcoats and collars may be indispensable next season.

What about shoes, what are the main trends for next season?
Next season’s shoes are no longer discrete, they stand-out due to their volume, colour and shape.

You accepted only2me’s invitation to personalize a shoe according to your image, precisely, for the Spring/Summer 2013 collection. What did you think of this challenge? 
I’ve always liked designing shoes, so it was really interesting to develop this model, I tried to get my inspiration from the Katty Xiomara summer collection and to build on only2me’s summer collection. The result is really strong, sandals with a small “school collar” with leather fringes, all made in small blocks of colour in natural tones of wood, blue and green. 

What was your starting point when providing your personal touch in this partnership?
I used the shape and the heel from the only2me collection but the whole content is designed based on our collection.

At the age of 22 you were awarded the “Porto de Moda” prize and were given the opportunity to participate, for the first time, in Portugal Fashion. What has changed in your “fashion” and “style” design since then?
Happily lots has changed since then, I have grown up and become more mature as a person and professional. The work design is different, more methodical and assertive.

What are your ambitions as a designer?
Never stop learning, growing and evolving as a brand, professional and person.

Who is Katty Xiomara, outside of the world of fashion?
Inside and outside she is the same. It’s difficult for me to separate my personal life from work as it part of me and my family is part of both worlds.

What item of clothing can you not go without in your day-to-day?
A pair of tight and comfortable jeans.

What kind of shoes do you wear most often?
I adore high heels but I rarely wear them, I choose the comfort of flat shoes.