Fabíola Carlettis accepted our invitation and chose the WESTERN boots as her favourite. | Press Releases | 2Me

Fabíola Carlettis accepted our invitation and chose the...

Fabíola Carlettis accepted our invitation and chose the...

They weren’t my first choice, but when I had a better look at them I realised that
they were the perfect choice! I’ve never had ankle boots like this and that’s exactly why I thought that this was the ideal time.

Part of only2me’s gorgeous 2012/2013 Autumn/Winter collection, I chose the Western ankle boots. They are elegant, comfortable and very versatile. Of course comfort is always a crucial aspect when choosing shoes but versatility doesn’t come far behind.

The Western model looks good with all colours and styles. Perfect during the day, to wear to work or to go for a walk, and at night, to go out to dinner or to go out dancing all night in a club (without getting the sore feet that are typical when you wear high heels).

For those with very busy days, who spend their time running back and forth, practical shoes are essential and the Western ankle boots are exactly what you need.

Although they are part of the Autumn/Winter collection, they’re great for the summer festivals. Shorts, a top, Western ankle boots and we’re ready!

If you’re in doubt about which only2me model to choose this Autumn/Winter, the Western ankle boots are, without a doubt, a great option!

Fabíola Carlettis
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