Special summer looks

Special summer looks

If you warm to the hot season, cold drinks, late nights and memorable trips, it’s also time for your wardrobe to become lighter, without compromising on style.

Be it a more romantic occasion, an afternoon with friends or a formal meeting, here are 3 proposals that show how the same pair of shoes, WEDGE 2, can look sophisticated or more casual, just as the season demands.


Look #01 | For a romantic encounter by the seaside, the outfit should be sweet and romantic. Vibrant colours invite a positive spirit to join the table!


Look #02 | Ideal for a night out by the coast! Because, even by the beach, there can be some formality without giving up on all the fun of the surrounding scenery.


Look #03 | Ideal for an afternoon with friends! The feminine touch is ensured with the WEDGE 2 model combined with some more casual items, a look that sets the tone for a hot afternoon and endless conversations.